When planting a church with the South Texas AG District, there are two recommended paths of affiliation: Parent Affiliated Church (PAC) or General Council Affiliated. Each path has different criteria:



  • Parent Church is needed
  • Pastor of Parent Church is the key contact
  • Credentials are at the discretion of the Parent Church
  • Assessment and Bootcamp are recommended
  • Primary Coaching via Parent Church
  • Under the covering of the General Council AG 501c3
  • Functions under the Constitution & Bylaws of the Parent Church
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be turned in to the Distict with the PAC Charter form

General Council

  • Sectional Presbyter is the key contact
  • Approval by Sectional and District leadership required
  • Credentials are required
  • Assessment and Bootcamp may be required
  • 3rd party Coaching available
  • Under the covering of the General Council AG 501c3
  • Must have 20+ adult members
  • Must establish a Constitution & Bylaws
  • Must be set in order by District Officials

South Texas AG encourages the use of the Parent Affiliated Church model to plant new churches (although in some cases a Parent Church may not be readily available).  Relationship between the Parent and Plant is a big key to making the PAC a success.  If you are looking for a Parent Church to partner with, perhaps we can be of some assistance to help you connect. We also offer assistance in establishing a MOU, contact us for more infomation. The Church Multiplication Network, the national AG Church Planting support system, has a number of resources available for the PAC.


To start the process for a PAC, the Parent Church must be a sovereign Assembly of God church. A Memorandum of Understanding must be created and signed by both pastors and turned into the District Office with a a New Church Charter Form. (If you need a New Church Plant charter form, the form can be found under PAC Resources.)


To start the process for a General Council Affiliated Church, contact the sectional presbyter where the church is to be planted.