If you are considering church planting, you are not alone. Many others have asked the question: "Should I plant a church?" For some the answer is "yes" and for others "no". We are here to help you as you walk through the process. Here are some suggested starting places:

  • Seek the Lord for guidance regarding where and for whom a new church plant or Parent Affiliated Church (PAC) should be started. Ed Stetzer, church planting researcher, author, and practitioner, has a helpful video to get started.
  • Seek confirmation from other leadership. This could include your pastor, your sectional and district leadership, and other spiritual mentors in your life.
  • Contact the South Texas Church Planting Faclitator, Kendall Reavis. You can share your thoughts confidentially.
  • Recruit a prayer team to undergird your church planting idea in prayer. Plan to regularly communicate the prayer needs of your project to this group.
  • Find a coach to meet with on a regular basis. Check out the Coaching tab for more information.
  • Learn more about Church Planting. There are numerous books available, conferences, trainings, and many experienced Church Planters to resource here in South Texas.
  • Look at the pages on this website for Assessment, Training, and Credentials.